Is Islam still a Religion…

…or has ittuned into a political terror ideology based on the Qur’an? The only countrys that managed to peacefully life with Islam are Bosnia and Indonesia.

Therfore the Islam does not belong to Europe. Muslims may life in Europe as long as they accept the democratic constituions in european countries and equal rights for everyone and seeek a peaceful neighborhood with everyone, especially the cristian and jewish comunities.

These are the big islamic countries:

  • All countries on the arab peninsula: No rights for women, gay or queer people.
  • Afghanistan: Hell on earth run by the Taliban
  • Iran: A Mullah dictatorship an hell on earth for women.
  • Turkey: Erdogan´s dictatorship, good friends with Hamas and terroising the Kurds in Syria.
  • Irak: A mess…
  • Lebanon: A completely dysfunctional state controlled by Hisbollah.
  • Countries in northern Afrika: Only Egypt an Marocco manage a peacful society with basic rights for women.

Also, the most illiterat counties are islamic dictatorships or have a predominantly islamic population. Any more questions?


There is no Palestine

After the Hamas terror attack on Israel and Israel’s response, a huge discussion has risen again about a two state solution in Israel. UN and the left-wing crowd is condemning Israel for their actions to destroy Hamas. The left-wing crowd, incl. LGBTQ+ ideologists demand a 2 state solution. How stupid can you get?

There is a two state solution in Israel. The Arabs, who refuse to live in Israel, can choose to live in the Westbank or the Gaza strip. The Westbank is controlled by the so called Palestine National Authority, the Gaza strip is controlled by Hamas, a terror organisation funded by Iran and Katar.

So the Arabs in Israel, who call themselves “Palestinians” have proven, that they are unable to organise a state. They have been practising to organise a state since 1994, and failed.

The Palestine they want as a territory is Israel´s territory and has been the territory of Jewish tribes for more than 3000 years.

Palestine as a territory or state has never existet. The Palesine National Auority rejected several peace plans for a 2 state solution. The Arabs in Israel don`t need a country for themselves only and Israel ist right to refuse a two state solution.

Woke Racism (John McWhorter)

I had written about what I called new racism just recently. Prof. John McWhorter found a much more precise and therefore better term: He named it WOKE Racism and wrote a recommendable book on this topic. It is about a special groupe in society, the so called WOKE community. And he criticises the WOKE attitude which finally does not help underprivileged people.

John McWhorter is a professor of linguistcs at Columbia University. Here is a ABS television interview published on Youtube:

And here is a lecture he gave on Cancel Culture and Wokeness for an audience in Berlin, also available on youtube:

John MCWhorter calls CRT (Critical Race Theory) a religion which acts blunt and brutal.

Putin – a NAZI 2.0

Wladimir Wladimirowitsch Putin established a NAZI regime in Russia and has now started an extermination crusade against Ukraine.

Like the German Nazis in 1933-45, Putin had silenced the Russians by giving teachers, policemen, doctors and workers satisfying salaries so they can now lead a moderate lifestyle. This is the socialist part of Putin’s strategy. He shut down independent journalism so the only media left for the Russians today is Putin’s Volksempfänger. Anyone who dares to express his or her opinion about Putin’s extermination crusade against Ukraine faces Putin’s GESTAPO or Stalin’s Gulag.

There is no hope that the Russians will try a revolution against Putin. Also the vast majority of Germans did not revolt against the NAZI regime in Germany from 1933 to 1945.

The only hope for ending this nightmare for the Ukrainians is that NATO will bomb the Russian extermination crusade to mincemeat. Otherwise the Ukrainians may face STALIN 2.0.

My conclusions so far:

  1. NAZIs can be found everywhere.
  2. Try hard to learn from history!

New Racism

Recently we have seen a new type of racism from an unexpected source. Never have I expected racisem from artists or a left-wing/green political direction.

However resently I felt diturbed by public statements or discussions I did not expect. So here is what disturbed me:

The cover of the US VOGUE Magazin 07/2020 showed a Annie Leibovitz photo of  US gymnasics star Simone Biles. This foto and a foto story inside the magazin was critisized, mainly on Twitter. The – in my opininion – most unrefined and insulting statment was published by the NY Times editor Morrigan Mc Carthy.

So whats the point demandig from VOGUE to hire a “black photographer”?

I hold the view that sex (male, female or diverse), skin colour, religion or political opinion of  an artist is irrelvant for the “quality” of piece of art (book, painting, sculpure, photography,…)  produced by him or her. The only relevant question is what we feel when we look at Annie Leibovitz outstanding photography of Simone Biles and the artwork in this VOGUE Mazine. I personally adore the artwork of Annie Leibovitz.

Another disturbing discusssion was initiated in several European countries wen Amanda Gormans outstandig poem The Hill We Climb had to be transalted into Dutch and German language. In both countries there was a big discussion about who could best translate The Hill we Climb.   In Germany the publisher had to hire three “translators” to silence the political correctness ideologists:

Kübra Gümüşay, a feminist activist in Germany, Hadija Haruna-Oelker, a jounalist who studied politcal science and Uda Strätling, who is a professional translator and enjoys a good reputation as a translator of poems and dramas from English into German. So what were Ms. Gümüsays and Ms. Hara-Oelker contributions to the translation of The Hill We Climb? Kübra Gümüşay is also muslim (minority in Germany!) and Hadija Haruna-Oelker is a so called “PoC”.

The result of the translation of The Hill We Climb is Den Hügel hinauf, missing the we! So oviously, the political correctness ideologists in the translator team didn`´’t get The Hill We Climb wired.