All the pictures in these pages were collected during travels in Australia in 1991/92, 1995 and 2001. You may notice in some of the pictures I published here that I had always a great time travelling in Australia. All pictures were taken on KODAK slide film.

Western Australia Gallery

Most of the time I spent traveling Down Under was in the south western part of the continent. Western Australia is a huge state. Besides many spectacular landscapes and very friendly locals, WA offers some of the world‘s best locations to go sailing, windsurfing and surfing. Today it has also become a mecca for kite-boarders. You may watch this video of a kitesurfing trip to West OZ from a team of FLYSURFER, a kite manufacturer from Bavaria.

A big THANK YOU to Tracy, Kim, Bernie and Lindsay for their friendship and hospitality. A speecial thank you to Bernie and Lindsay for teaching me how to surf.

Perth an the Swan River

Outback Gallery

The Australian Outback is a must see for any traveler. The so called outback is part of any of the Australian states, except the ACT Canberra. The most fascinating part of a remote outback landscape can be found in the Northern Territory and in a significant part of Western Australia.

Car Wreck in the WA outback

South-East Australia

…to me is Adelaide, Canberra, the Great Ocean Road, Sydney and Philip Island  (THE PLACE TO BE for any surfer on this planet!!!). I spent a wonderful time at those places traveling on my own in 1991, 1995 and together with my wife Tanja in 2001. The south-east of Australia offers one of the most beautiful coastlines I‘ve seen. The Southern Ocean is home to cute little penguins and (not so cute) great white sharks.

A big THANK YOU to our friend Karl Brown, his brother Rowan and their parents for their hospitality and friendship.

Mona Vale Beach, Sydney