Is Islam still a Religion…

…or has ittuned into a political terror ideology based on the Qur’an? The only countrys that managed to peacefully life with Islam are Bosnia and Indonesia.

Therfore the Islam does not belong to Europe. Muslims may life in Europe as long as they accept the democratic constituions in european countries and equal rights for everyone and seeek a peaceful neighborhood with everyone, especially the cristian and jewish comunities.

These are the big islamic countries:

  • All countries on the arab peninsula: No rights for women, gay or queer people.
  • Afghanistan: Hell on earth run by the Taliban
  • Iran: A Mullah dictatorship an hell on earth for women.
  • Turkey: Erdogan´s dictatorship, good friends with Hamas and terroising the Kurds in Syria.
  • Irak: A mess…
  • Lebanon: A completely dysfunctional state controlled by Hisbollah.
  • Countries in northern Afrika: Only Egypt an Marocco manage a peacful society with basic rights for women.

Also, the most illiterat counties are islamic dictatorships or have a predominantly islamic population. Any more questions?


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