There is no Palestine

After the Hamas terror attack on Israel and Israel’s response, a huge discussion has risen again about a two state solution in Israel. UN and the left-wing crowd is condemning Israel for their actions to destroy Hamas. The left-wing crowd, incl. LGBTQ+ ideologists demand a 2 state solution. How stupid can you get?

There is a two state solution in Israel. The Arabs, who refuse to live in Israel, can choose to live in the Westbank or the Gaza strip. The Westbank is controlled by the so called Palestine National Authority, the Gaza strip is controlled by Hamas, a terror organisation funded by Iran and Katar.

So the Arabs in Israel, who call themselves “Palestinians” have proven, that they are unable to organise a state. They have been practising to organise a state since 1994, and failed.

The Palestine they want as a territory is Israel´s territory and has been the territory of Jewish tribes for more than 3000 years.

Palestine as a territory or state has never existet. The Palesine National Auority rejected several peace plans for a 2 state solution. The Arabs in Israel don`t need a country for themselves only and Israel ist right to refuse a two state solution.

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